Kieran Long Visits King William Street Quarter

Kieran Long's visit to King William Street Quarter in Barking, as part of the BBC2 Artsnight, Series 3 on the future of the home in the UK. Film-stills along with extracts of his discussions with Akay Zorlu and Paul Mongahan Director of AHMM

"these terraced houses are the highlight of the whole development" Kieran Long

"it was the first new street in barking since the 60’s, and it allowed us to go back to traditional typologies of family houses with front doors next to each other and also a type of mews house which traditionally is for utilitarian purposes and here we can allow it to be very intimate" Akay Zorlu

'a family of buildings of extremely high quality' – Kieran Long

“social housing can be affordable, desirable and well designed” – Kieran Long