“A very positive experience with a professional architect who is very down to earth and pleasant attitude and responsiveness a great attitude who was happy to go through everything in great detail and nothing was left to chance” 

“An excellent service was provided with the right level of detail in the drawings which explained what the process involved” 

M.L. (London E17)

“Working with Akay has been smooth and straight forward. He explained all the steps of the application in a very comprehensive and professional manner” 

“Positive Attitude and quick response”

C.G. (London N4)


An infill project that provides new high quality homes and completes the streetscape.

Norman Road is a disused end of terrace site in east London. The proposals aim to complete the terrace with a building that creates a sense of place, character and activity. This constrained end of terrace site is bounded by a neighbouring building, the road, rail tracks and a carpark. The ground floor plan steps back from the neighbouring property to create a light well and privacy court to secondary windows. The building lines the northern edge of the site and steps back on the railway boundary to create a private garden. The first floor plan steps into the building to create an inset balcony overlooking the carpark, whilst rationalising the internal floor plan. The third floor plan steps back from the adjacent property to create a private terrace. The sawtooth roofline to the north breaks up the length of the building with the overall height matching a building opposite to create a coherent relationship at this end of Norman Road.


HOUSES & SMALL PROJECTS/courtland avenue

A rear and side extension creates a building with two faces


Loft studio in a north London Victorian terrace

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